After the parade has come to 10:00 am, and the collective national anthem over and over, listening to the principal speech, speaking on behalf of the best students, sports groups speech teacher, and finally turn a group of students more concerned about the parade awards ceremony.


  A group of high got 9.53 points, came in first, also got the “spiritual civilization Fashion Award”.
  The second class is a high got 9.12 points, in fourth.
  For school here in the form of innovation is quite respected, so although there are classes of performance suspect the water, still gave good scores.
  ”Plea北京夜网论坛se players ready to start the first game after half an hour.”On the podium, the host announced.
  Team ordered to return to their seats.In the group of seats there, we have put two boxes of mineral water as well as a small box of bread, and some vulnerary.
  Liang Heng against the fence, watching the beginning of Heng-yu came, smiled and applauded at them, “Not bad, did well.”
  Everyone laughed and Sports Commission they went over to speak with Liang Heng, exaggerated his best.
  Heng-yu find a place to sit down, drink a few saliva after stand up and say hello while some students of the game to warm up, get free time to accidentally hurt to where.

Chapter 176 Pa unconventional school
  Eleven o’clock forty athletic meets the first game, women’s triple jump.
  Heng Yu warm-up is completed, check-in accordance with the notice went to roll call at the broadcast.
  Roll Call at around a lot of people, waited about ten minutes, until all the players in attendance.Together under the leadership of volunteers around the edge of the football field for all bunker, which is dedicated venue triple jump and long jump in two competitions.
  Specific flow of the game has long been made in Banqun, the group of a lot of people know that there is balance jade first game, are to join over to cheer her.

  Correct!Yes!She was angry!


  Woman angry with minimum gas!
  Ng Tian stood up and paced back and forth in the living room, and so felt almost good brewing emboldened his fists and took a deep breath, picked up the phone to dial the number on the business card.
  Current lingering beep sound seems to be stretched to expand until the phone is turned on, she found herself nervously almost speechless.
  ”Hello, Miss Ng.”Jiang Sheng-ting low voice belongs to the magnetic cold coming from the microphone, the enlarged some distortion.
  ”How to consider the results?”
  Ng Tian down on the other side of the trunk of a hand grip force, the firm said: “Mr. Jiang, I carefully thought for a night.But sorry, I do not agree with your approach.”
  Opened the back of the head will be a matter of course, Wu Tien has never been so calm and firmly expressed.
  ”Baocuo children such things as you say, we who do not want to happen.But the fact that, when considered from t广州桑拿网he perspective of two families, the focus should not be concerned about the two children inside position, after all, they are the party.”
  ”Young is not a fatal problem.And twenty-five-year-old to see the world is not the same, it is just that they have not completely adapted to the rules of the World.But the five year old know everyone has a mom and dad.From the most primitive ecological development of cells, each of us is the same.Xiao Yi made it clear that does not like to be adopted, as long as he did not want, I will not accept your offer.”
  ”I know that no matter how hard I can not reach your background and achievements.Aristocratic elite unable to provide education and life.Xiao Yi childhood is living in an ordinary environment of ordinary children, if you really do not intend to recognize him back, as he has been let北京风月网 to lead a normal life.When Wilson.I can see you and your family really love, start to finish he was a little reluctant to hurt.I really appreciate this point.Similarly for small Yi love, I am also the same.”
  ”You said yesterday that a paternity test, this is no problem, small Yi hair I will be mailed to your company, signed my name.If you change your mind, please notify me and I will explain step by step to Xiao Yi, he is very clever obedient.”
  ”Mr. Jiang, this is what I want to say.”
  Ng Tian breath decisions and the whole idea of mind that out, immediately remove the extremely heavy boulders, relaxed chest as if flying over flowers.
  He has been silent across during her say these words, until then, Jiang Sheng Ting cold voice was stern and hair.
  ”Miss Wu, do you have any right to prevent a child back to his parents around.Please find out your own identity.”
  Like the tip of the ice, cut a single word in her eardrum.Even if people can not see his majesty as if through current can be passed through.
  ”I am still alone, her Xiaoyi Ma, legal guardian!”
  I came across a slight laugh: “With all due respect, age, single, economic capacity, social status, psychological quality, you do not have a qualified.After all, you even do not care.Xiao Yi people with you are in ruin him.”
  ”Do not look down on people!”
  ”I am telling the truth.”

  This small but Duke is still somewhat playfully, such as do not like to eat crabs hands, Meng Wei personally can only serve in the next, but my mind was wondering this little Duke another day to do something about the food and garlic, see also pick the little Duke are not picky eaters.


  I do not know because this time it was not attentive wait in the next, Ye Zichuan feel a lot better appetite, so they accidentally eat more, until he found, could not help but punched a burp mixed with the smell of food, straight to the side of the four princes scared disbelief: “Why did I say before you eat so little, it seems far because of the small child is a man dedicated to serve is not enough, but I remember that before you is not no maid to wait on the side, can you still eat so little.”
  In addition to the four princes think this meal appetizer before that alcoholic drinks peanuts from Mengwei hand, the other is eaten with them before, and from the same chef, how before he did such a good appetite?
  Ye Zichuan satisfactory touched the stomach, thought: “Probably because one of those women makeup, face bashing rinse rinse off the dust like a peeling like to make people feel close to a turnoff.”
  Four princes think that the situation is not pumping the pumping mouth, I am afraid that in addition to this, there are those eyeing the side of th都市夜网e woman staring at them, as if the next moment will be pounced, that he felt off-putting, not to mention the table a brother.
  See food removed, four princes and little Duke who is still sitting in the old gods in situ tea, Mengwei some doubts.
  This eating and eat, drink and drink, and what these two staring at the door that closed door to do?
  Is it in practice with the idea that papered the place to burn a hole?
  However, two are the masters, Mengwei nor the courage to ask out, evidently knew about the two men are not here to eat and drink plus renew old friendships.

  Differences ☆, 23 local ‘specialty’ and modern snacks

  On this quiet, the Meng Wei suddenly heard coming from the side of the creaking door open, then came outside we heard a woman softly spoke up: “Man child today thanked the three princes hospitality, this jade hairpin Man child is like.”
  ”Priceless good heart, as Bo roots smile, the prince is to spend million ounces worth it, spread the girl child walking.”
  Then down, then heard two faint sound of footsteps came from the front, then go away.
  Three princes?
  Meng Wei think of it just four princes said in the three princes bully One room, I did not expect just turned out to be the rendezvous and beauty, and this is reason why they gather here refused to leave, do is to listen to the corner?
  Meng Wei mind toying with the idea of those previously seen drama palace intrigue, while they did not hear the door ring, while ratio of just some of the heavy footsteps in the past, Ye Zichuan this stood up to stretch, facing Mengwei forehead He bounced a finger: “you little girl pondering some do and some do not have all day, curiosity killed the cat, as long as you wait on the Lord is good on the line, the other to know as little as possible.”
  This made Meng Wei Ye Zichuan not help a cold heart, since crossing the realization that they changed the younger girl bladder, they often feel that they live for the issue, see through a lot of things more than others, but forgot hidden emotions.
  Through the little Duke advice, Mengwei remembered little Duke in front of him, even if dandy, but it would not be a fool, not to mention there is a four princes.
  Even if the surface no matter how gentle and harmless, but as in the palace of the people who grew up in a large vat, palace intrigues sly plot summary, even if the fear is also looking to see will be a.
  And where it can survive, presumably the hearts of the four princes not without subtlety.
  Now is not the emphasis on human rights, equality modern, but ancient imperial supremacy, if she did it again anything to show it, presumably not far away belch fart.

“Ah ha.”Lee rain suspended the computer screen, remove the headset,” If I so good, that you are not attracted from the real, whose class time to take your guy is?”


He would have been in if the rub night cream, heard the words of Lee rain, hand movements will slow down, I want to listen to gossip about the Soviet Union exquisite.

“My boyfriend.”

“Wow.”Lee rain wringing,” I have not wear glasses after class, missed ah, listen to Minya said, is a handsome guy.I only see is wearing a suit!”

Su exquisite smiles: “Today is only to determine the r杭州龙凤网elationship.And so a little later you eat and Ming Yue.”

Wang Rong out of the bathroom, while rubbing the hair side said, “Do not ask quarters of the people should eat together?”

If the booing He also said, “Your boyfriend is wearing a suit, is not it has worked, worked for the money, why do not you direct your boyfriend please let us hang out.Newly opened Di Everland I have not been there.”

Wang Rong: “Yun Sheng is white Fu-mei, find objects certainly have the money, what that money Di-park operator.dinner!dinner!It is celebrated as you take off alone, our hostel is the first single off of it.”

Wang Rong outsiders, previously hear that ten sets of Jinhua Road facade, was no concept, on Wednesday afternoon to Luanda way to buy a computer, listening to people speaking, high-end brand in Jinhua road, that road is still Libiluoan to lively.

She then learned that ten sets of Jinhua Road facade represents what.

“Yeah yeah.If not rich, but you have money ah Yun Sheng, Jinhua Road, ten sets of shops, I remember it, do not the three of us eat and drink, can not be justified ah.”What if Wang echoed each other and.

  Nodded slightly, while Shen Xuan spit cherry pits, suddenly he smiled and raised his piece of paper, “You look like you do?”


  Under warm light, vividly appears on the white paper a sketch, a man Wei Tai eyes, aquiline nose, thin lips slightly pursed, looks a little serious, but his head was wearing a Cubs hat, it makes one feel among towering funny.
  Shen Xuan quickly put the paper back, while seriously said: “I have not yet unfinished.”
  So saying, she muttered to himself: “And, you’re the first guy I painted.”
  Of course, the other side is also a long good-looking she could draw, have to say, the male or the value of the Yen did not have深圳桑拿网 to say, looking at every day is fun to watch.
  Bird watching moving pencil on paper, suddenly fell on the man’s attention focused on little face goes serious, quite a while, lips only slightly higher.
  Shen Xuan suddenly put down his pen, looked across the great interest of man, “I give you how to design a set of clothes?This is exclusive custom!”
  She has not designed a men’s suit, took his most important qualification for a mouse but.
  ”Money it?”His voice was light.
  Then down, Shen Xuan could not help glanced at his eyes, “You’re how so vulgar, whenever they talk about money, but now that you would like to talk about money is good money, but with our relationship I can give you a discount, ”
  Written tapping the desktop, brow men fretting, “What is our relationship?”
  She did not consciously bite the lower lip, he bowed his head no longer speak, continues painted her paintings, and do not want to talk to this man.
  ”Should not we talk about what happened today?”The man put down his pen, his eyes suddenly deep up.
  Shen Xuan lengleleng, secretly raised his head, the back of a cool moment, she said, how could you not know this man, originally just waiting to settle scores.

not want the day.”


  White habitat Wu shook his head, tearful voice: “No, I only hope Bo Shun brother live, how I wish.”
  The statement, so mysterious heart Yutie half, he was actually teased: “Silly girl, from small to large Bo Shun your brother when you had a negative?”
  White ha南宁桑拿bitat Wu a ponder, not really.
  Her red eyes, slipping mouth smiled voice: “ah, I know, Bo Shun brother told me the best.”
  Mysterious eyes half-playful, people will let go some distance quietly: “That you told Jiang that Rou heartless and correct me coke tail piano?”
  White habitat Wu facial features brilliance, blushing, whispered: “That is not a primary Shun brother said to myself, heart and liver could cut it for me?”
  Not care about this mysterious half, he reached out toward the White habitat Wu: “I paid the coke tail piano, what do you intend to me?”
  White habitat Wu prevarication, quite a while to work out the gold from the purse of imperial green jade pull refers to.
  Pull that no pattern, head full of crystal-clear, clearly the best fast green imperial jade good.
  Half saw two mysterious, Homeopathy set on the thumb, 南宁桑拿sort, and he just finger size.
  He looked at the white perch Wu, deep eyes, Shining hot people.
  Huddled under 南宁夜网Wu Bai habitat, such as the sound mosquito na: “I and the hairpin birthday that would be, Bo Shun brother sent me an imperial jade green, I find craftsmen wear a freshman two small pull a finger.”
  While this is obviously a half Hyun large, as well as a small collection of her self-authored a.
  Half-Hyun could not help laughing, smile Yan Lian, like Chunhui.
  He reached Lanzhu White habitat Wu shoulder, will bring people into the arms next to the words he did not say nothing at all.
  At the same time, not far from the room inside.
  Jiang Rou door caut





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Assistant note of this matter, “the boss, not to late to go back.”


Shen Yan River received a call, do not mind peace, prepare for北京桑拿 the worst anyway, it set the fastest flight directly at three in the morning appeared in the airport, did not disturb his wife, he called the high-priced taxi to the five-star hotel in the rest the next morning appeared in the Song Peng and Wu Minmin apartment is located in.

Shen Yan River’s eyes with a touch of bloodshot eyes, mixed with gray hair is a rare point of no neatly combed with pomade, briefcase in hand, just to see the running back’s exquisite Su.

Two weeks, she seems to be doing well on the outside, have more北京养生会所 color any better.

“come in.”Su Delicate go into it.

Shen Yan River into the apartment.

Because it is a rest day, Peng Song did not work.

See the video, Shen Yan River is large wrinkled brow, this is indeed a big problem, actually it was secretly sneaked into the villa, in particular, did not take any stuff, things actually fill it up, Shen Yan River also came up with the uneasy a feeling of.

Barely suppress restlessness, her daughter looked up at the clear eyes, “how can you not tell me before.”

Su exquisite responded removed the wig.

Shen Yan River was immediately shocked, widened eyes can see inside because there is no good rest sky tired of red blood.

  White Xuan eyes micro jump, quiet road, “Dad you still talk about it after reading.”


  This is Bailin Qi coma these months, white Xuan of Qi then do a study, a small white house thing, did not cause the slightest influence on the course of practice Qi Avenue.
  Even if he should be in th北京养生会所e final battle Bailin Qi and the breakthrough in the task information in the main line, will leapfrog him beheaded, but now Bailin Qi Xuan is white fans dizzy, off in the secret room, while posing Bailin Qi white Xuan is do not go half a step.
  However, Qi was met and Bailin Qi almost a master, but also to break through.
  Of course, what a stepping stone cannon fodder during.
  White Xuan was such a summary, it is clear Qi natural break is simply called the evildoer, and casually can leapfrog beheaded opponents
  In order to make Bailin Qi see more clearly, as well as detailed data.
  There has recently been a few months and then went out of Qi a family, but better than the White House on the strength ah, but Qi and then after, the family is not the destruction, instant demise.
  Qi can only say that natural gas transported as a child’s love alone is Heaven really is not corpuscles ah.
  ”I just want to prove, not an enemy of the Qi However, at least for now.”
  In fact, white Xuan do not have to explain so much, because then Qi Yuan Dan has been promoted to the environment, andBeheaded a few dan master territory, as long as Bailin Qi is not foolish, it is impossible to re-raise the slightest thought of before.
  Vitality throughout genius, and killed no problem.
  But dan territory of the strong, everyone knows how hostile it would be unwise.
  Bailin Qi was in a coma for some time, white Xuan need to tell him, but the White House these corpuscles a lot of time early on, did not watch the five elders in the family are no longer chained her to pay a good person to run it, and said to However, looking for revenge, then Qi.
  Recklessly and strong, and breaks against no different.
  White Xuan opinion, then Qi is in this case surrounded by the atmosphere during operation, is only like heaven.
  She is also concerned about for a long time, who was found against him can suffer, but to make him an even higher level, such as the original White House,
  But someone will have a lifetime of this gas transported it?
  Everything is naturally balanced
  The relative Aioi, do not pay will not be given, even if it is the same Heaven?

  Xiao Sheng: “.After you go to rest.”He noted the indigo under the eyes Heng-yu.


  He whoFriends who more and more shrouded in mystery, of course, curious Xiao Sheng.But it is undeniable that the value of jade to help him a lot, so Xiao Sheng willing to explore the heart of this heart-friendly depressed.
  Heng Yu took another bite of the sandwich, this leisurely get up, “then I go to bed.”
  Is too good rest, just get the site, there are many things to do tonight.

Chapter 288 Qiming era
  Heng-yu never has the advantage of a play it by ear.
  The face of what different people with attitude, how to act in the face of different situations, his heart has always had a clear demarcation criteria.
  So that he can be at the banquet handsome Chinese students may be light in front of Han fee gentle younger, ten foreign market may be spending billions of dollars Hawker, also may be hiding in the dark of people.
  The negotiating table, Heng Yu Gouzhuo right index finger circl苏州夜网ing pistol, the other free hand under his chin.
  Opposite person is a gray-haired elderly white man, if not a lot of suits stood behind him, do not waist pistol man, the old man feels like a college professor, mild temperament and polite.
  Wilson Heng Yu was so angry and do not practice, he smiled, reach for a sip of coffee at hand, “zero is not it, you end up Lin Jie gang fine with me, but Lin Jie gangs to us every month ago hand over protection money, which rules in compliance with your former home, you see you are not also cooperate with?”
  Speaking smiled back, Wilson meaningful.
  Heng Yu sedentary, still started playing on the gun, Wilson behind those of men to consciousness by a clip on the gun.
  See such a move, scale Yucai laughed softly, quickly went in front of Wilson, reached out with his handshake, “Of course, most people pay attention to our trail rules, since it is your old set of rules, Of course I will abide.”