[Artemisia treatment for hair loss]_Treatment of hair loss_Effect

[Artemisia treatment for hair loss]_Treatment of hair loss_Effect

Mugwort, or wormwood, is a wild herbaceous plant. Mugwort is very common and often grows in the mountains, replacing many weeds.

At the Dragon Boat Festival, people will pull wormwood off the window sill, and the custom of washing their face and hair with wormwood is to clear the heat and drive away mosquitoes and flies.

In addition, wormwood has a lot of medicinal effects. People can dry compress and ignite wormwood for incense acupuncture.

Can Ai Ye cure hair loss?

In many places, the custom of bathing and washing the hair of wormwood leaves is maintained.

The summer is hot and rainy, and mosquitoes breed, and the aromas of artemisia leaves can repel mosquitoes, insects, and clean the air.

Artemisia leaves have a certain effect on folliculitis and eczema, and are very helpful in eliminating heat.

The effects of artemisia leaves on hair: Artemisia leaves have a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, especially effective for seborrheic hair loss. Because artemisia leaves can treat seborrheic dermatitis, shampooing with artemisia leaves can no longer remove oil, and it can also reduce dandruff and contract infection.Hair loss has obviously helped.

In addition, boiled wormwood leaves is one of the methods used by many companies to extract wormwood leaves. The main effects of wormwood leaves are: qi and blood, warming the meridians, removing cold and dampness, analgesics, antibacterials, gun smoke, encouraging digestive adenosine, antitussive and phlegm, Promote circulation, Qi, etc., the focus is to prevent itching and dandruff without damaging hair quality and scalp health.

Therefore, there will be some pure wormwood oil in the water after it has been boiled with water, which is not a small gift.

Artemisia shampoo shampoo usage method: 1: find a handful of artemisia leaf 2: boil a bowl of water with artemisia leaf, the thicker the better.

3: Use wormwood water on the entire scalp, then wrap the hair with a towel and let the wormwood water stay on the scalp for about 10 minutes.

4: Rinse off with shampoo or warm water.

5: Repeatedly comb your hair 100 times with your fingers, be careful not to scratch your scalp with your nails, and gently massage with your fingertips.

Generally available artemisia shampoo 2 every week?
About 3 times (not recommended to go to work), after the dandruff and itching are relieved, you can reduce the number of times, 1 weekly?
2 is enough, so the maintenance of the entire scalp and hair is better.

Persevere. After 3 months, the hair will be more and more, and the condition of hair loss will be improved. If you have friends with frequent headaches, you will also get some relief.