[Condom and condom]_ condom _ difference _ different _ difference

[Condom and condom]_ condom _ difference _ different _ difference

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, government departments advocated eugenics, and in response to national policies, the Chinese people began to implement contraceptive measures.

To this day, many contraceptives are still highly respected by the Chinese, so some contraceptive terms are more and more widely recognized by the public. However, many people still understand the difference between condoms and condoms, and think that they are the same thing.

In fact, the technical standards of condoms and condoms use different materials, so their functions, purposes and uses are also different.

Condoms are used for contraceptive purposes, and the products extend vibration and fragrance, which can only help sex.

A large number of experiments have proven that condoms can effectively block particles with a diameter similar to that of human sperm, and can also block chlamydia, mycoplasma, and other pathogens, but cannot effectively prevent viruses such as hepatitis B, tumors, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Condoms are reproductive health products. With the purpose of blocking viruses and preventing sexually transmitted diseases, the use of composite cross-linked nano-filling technology and natural plant extracts increases the density of condom membranes, which can effectively prevent contraception and block virus invasion.
The new condom technology is an independently developed patented technology. Firstly, a new type of rubber technology is created with brand-new materials and special processes. In terms of principles, materials and process technology, it has become other similar products in the world.

It uses the pioneering “natural latex gap chip composite cross-linking nanofilling technology” to increase the density of natural latex films, and uses an inner membrane body made of natural plant extracts without any toxic and side effects.Among the thickness of the natural latex layer, without affecting the performance of the natural latex, the direct contact between the skin and carcinogens is truly avoided, allergens and potential carcinogenic risks are reduced, and the problem of alkalinity affecting the vaginal environment of women is protected.Women’s health.

Its inner and outer membranes contain natural substance extracts, that is, special ingredients, which effectively block and adsorb viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

The patented technology used by the condom has been tested by authoritative organizations and proved that the technology is effective in blocking HBV and HIV, its ability to adsorb, and also has a preventive effect on sexually transmitted diseases and gynecological diseases.

Now we should know the difference between condoms and condoms?

If you really want eugenics, experts recommend that you buy condoms instead of condoms at a specialized pharmacy.

This will not only ensure eugenics, but also reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases.

It is also the standard for ensuring good health and a healthy sexual life.