[Can Microwave Bake Sweet Potatoes]_Production_How to Make

[Can Microwave Bake Sweet Potatoes]_Production_How to Make

Microwave ovens can be used to roast sweet potatoes, but the baking time is relatively long. If you have the patience, the urinary catheter is OK, but you must know that sweet potatoes should be eaten as soon as possible after they are baked in the oven, otherwise they will be cold.It will cause the sweet potato to become very hard and not tasty, mainly because the water has been lost, and it is heating, both the nutritional content is so high, and the more water is lost, it is relatively unpalatable.

If raw sweet potatoes are put in a microwave oven to heat them, they are very dry and harder after cooling. They are not tasty. If they are roasted and already cooked sweet potatoes, put them in the heat and even lose their nutrition.Less than the traditional cooking method, but also quite delicious, soft and glutinous, very fragrant. This is my own experience. Wash the sweet potatoes, pierce a few holes in it, and then put the sweet potatoes in the oven and fireBaking, because the firepower of different microwave ovens is not the same, so you don’t have to die for a prescribed time, take it out after a while, and squeeze it by hand until it is cooked.

There are 4 raw sweet potatoes (also known as sweet potatoes). (Sweet potatoes are divided into several, each with different water content, different degrees of sweetness, and roasted flavors.

Sweet potatoes are best for red hearts. If you do n’t buy them well, you wo n’t find them delicious.

) Four sheets of kitchen paper.

In the past, sweet potatoes roasted on the stove were neither convenient nor beautiful, but now they are easy and clean.

The method of sweet potato before roasting is as follows: 1. Wash the sweet potatoes first, so that the surface of the sweet potatoes will have moisture, then use a layer of kitchen paper or fresh-keeping bag to pack the sweet potatoes, and wrap the sweet potatoes tightly.

2. Put the wrapped sweet potatoes in the oven and turn on high heat for 5 minutes (smaller turn for 4 minutes, larger turn for 8 minutes).

3. Then take it out and press it. If it is not soft, turn it for another 2-3 minutes. If it is soft, go to the fresh-keeping bag and turn it on medium heat for about 3 minutes.

Tip: You can put it directly in the microwave oven. After about 6 minutes of fire, you can explore it by yourself. The effect is very good.

Method 2: Take a whole sweet potato, remember that the sweet potato pieces are not too large, otherwise it is not easy to cook or not cooked, and it costs electricity to clean the kitchen paper or toilet paper and put the sweet potatoes directly into the microwave. As for the timeIt depends on the size of the sweet potato pieces. If the fire is high, it will take four or five minutes. Method 3: Cut into slices, so that they are easy to cook.

Don’t poke holes, don’t put it in the microwave box, the generated water vapor will easily attach to the sweet potatoes, put the sweet potato chips directly on the oven’s turntable, steam for 15 minutes on medium heat, and then steam for 10 minutes.The steaming is so continuous. Let the sweet potatoes cool in the microwave for a while and then steam without opening the microwave door.

The roasted sweet potato has a dry and dry outer skin, which looks like the sweet potatoes bought outside, but is cleaner than it.