[Women’s sensitive areas, how should men use them]

[Women’s sensitive areas, how should men use them]

Where is the most sensitive part of the human body?

The first thing a man thinks about is breast cancer and the clitoris, but an American sexologist recently pointed out in his blog that a woman’s body has many undeveloped sensitive areas. Learning to stimulate these areas can quickly stimulate her sexual desire and make sexMore passion.

Here are a few sensitive parts of the female body and stimulation techniques, let’s learn together!

Behind the ears and the depressions in the ears. Ears are often overlooked in sex. Stimulating her ears with her mouth can make her have a strong pleasure.

Gritting her earlobe will tremble her.

You can also use your lips to gently touch her auricle, or use your fingers to gently press the earlobe, and put your fingers into the ear, the teasing effect is quite good.