[Can the seeds of zizi be eaten]_Tizi_seed_Can you eat

[Can the seeds of zizi be eaten]_Tizi_seed_Can you eat

The raisin is a fruit we often eat. The nutritional value of the raisin is very high, but most people usually eat the raisin unless the spit of the spit is spit out and they are afraid to eat it.After that, it will affect physical health, which is not good for your health. Some people even feel that the seeds of the grapefruit are a bit bitter to eat, which will affect the taste of the grapefruit. Some people think that the seeds of the grapefruit are edibleCan the seeds be eaten?

Can the seeds of sesame be eaten?

When people eat the sip, they usually spit it out because it is hard and tasteless.

In fact, this way of eating is exactly incorrect, because there is too much nutritional value hidden in the small core of the raisin, which is also the nutritional value of the raisin.

Rape seeds contain anthocyanins, a rare antioxidant in plants.

Anthocyanins can remove free radicals that damage normal cells, prevent cell aging, increase immunity, and protect collagen from damage and stiffness in the walls of arteries.

Therefore, the seeds of the ravioli are edible and have a certain nutritional value!

Raisin has certain effects1. Antiviral and bactericidal Raisin contains natural polymerized phenol, which can combine with proteins in viruses or bacteria, making it lose the ability to infectious diseases. Raisin is especially effective for hepatitis virus, polio virusWait for a good killing effect.

2. The anti-cancer and anti-cancer extract contains a compound called resveratrol, which can prevent normal cells from becoming cancerous and can inhibit the spread of malignant cells, so the extract has an alternative anti-cancer and anti-cancer function; but as aThe person in charge of the encyclopedia still tells you weakly that resveratrol is more in its skin!

3. The anti-anemia extract contains vitamin B12 with anti-malignant anemia effect, especially the red wine made by fermenting the skin-containing extract, which contains about 12-15 mg of vitamin B12 per liter.

Therefore, drinking red wine often is good for you in treating malignant anemia, anemia or deficiency of qi and blood, and you are blessed!

4. In the fruit of the nourishing and exciting brain nerve extract, glucose, organic acids, amino acids, and vitamins are very rich in content, which can nourish and excite the cerebral nerves. The extract has certain effects on the treatment of neurasthenia and elimination of excessive fatigue.

5. Modern pharmacological research on reducing gastric acid and biliary cholic. It is proved that the extract also contains vitamin P. 15 g of seed oil of the seed can reduce gastric acid toxicity by oral administration, and 12 g of oral can achieve the effect of choleretic, so the extract can treat gastritis., Enteritis and vomiting.

6, diuretic swelling and abortion According to Li Shi’s collection records, the roots, vines, leaves, etc. of the grapes have good diuretic, swelling, and antitussive effects. The grapes can treat complications such as pregnancy obstruction, vomiting, and edema.

7, prevention of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases can also reduce the level of human serum levels and reduce platelet cohesion, which has a certain effect on the prevention of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases.