[Babao sweet dumplings practice]_Babao sweet dumplings_How to do_How to do

[Babao sweet dumplings practice]_Babao sweet dumplings_How to do_How to do

According to legend, Babao Sweet Zongzi is a snack in Sichuan. Actually, the method of making Babao Sweet Zongzi is similar to that of ordinary zongzi, but because the materials used are different, they are called differently.

Babao sweet dumplings contain eight kinds of materials, some sticky rice, melon sticks, lotus seeds, orange cake, etc. These delicious combinations can stimulate the taste buds even more.

Region: Sichuan Snacks Craft: Boiled stew, stewed stew, Babao sweet ravioli Production materials: 1000 grams of glutinous rice, 80 leaves of lotus root, 100 grams of melon sticks, 75 grams each of lily, coix seed, lotus seed, orange cake, honey cherry50 grams each, 250 grams of sugar.

Features of Babao Sweet Custard: Sweet and waxy.

Teach you how to make Babao Sweet Pudding, how to make Babao Sweet Pudding 1.

Soak the glutinous rice with water for 24 hours, wash it out, and drain the water.


Melon sticks, orange cakes, and cherries are cut with a knife to a size larger than mung beans.


Lily, Coix Seed, and Lotus Seed will be rinsed with water.

The lily is slightly chopped.


Add the lily, coix seed and lotus seed into the pot, add sugar, mix well, steam in the cage and stir, then add the chopped melon sticks and glutinous rice to mix well.


Wash the coriander leaves and soak them in water.

For each rice dumpling, use two lotus leaves to overlap by 1/3, fold into a cone shape, put in the stirred glutinous rice, seal the bag into a triangular shape, and tie it with a twine to form a green rice dumpling.


Add the green body to the pot, add enough water, cover the pot tightly, and cook for about 1 hour.

Essentials of making Babao sweet ravioli: The green body should be tied tightly with hemp rope, and cooked in medium heat.