[Enriched blood and beauty porridge Daquan and efficacy]_ species _ benefits

[Enriched blood and beauty porridge Daquan and efficacy]_ species _ benefits

Everyone, whether male or female, will want to look old and look unchanged.

However, with the increase of age, people will gradually get older, and various organs of the body will continue to collapse.

But beauty has always been what people want, and now more and more people are beginning to understand health.

Develop good eating habits, lifestyle habits, and a healthy life.

What is the blood and nourishing porridge and its effect?

The practice of nourishing qi, nourishing blood and nourishing porridge 1.

Tremella Jujube Soup Ingredients: Tremella, red dates, dried longan, wolfberry Practice: Wash all the ingredients and foam them, then put them in a pot and cook until they are soft and rotten.

Efficacy: The nutritional value of Tremella is equal to that of bird’s nest, but the price is much cheaper, so it is also called the bird’s nest of the poor.

Chinese medicine believes that Tremella has a good moisturizing and health-care effect, which is especially suitable for treating chronic acute diseases caused by dryness and fire.

Jujube and wolfberry are good for blood.

After all the ingredients are mixed together, the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood is doubled.


Papaya Tremella Soup Ingredients: Tremella, Papaya, Jujube, Rock Sugar Practice: Put the Tremella in the water and soak it, then pour the soaked Tremella and red dates into the pot together, simmer for half an hour on low heat, then add to prepareSugar and papaya so you can take it directly.

Efficacy: It has a good effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood. Women who take it regularly can also play the role of beauty and beauty.


Ingredients of Shuanghong Buxue Soup: sweet potatoes, red dates, brown sugar Method: Add water to the pot and boil, then add the cooked sweet potatoes and red dates, add brown sugar and stir well before boiling.

Efficacy: This recipe is very suitable for summer and just in autumn. It is a very good health dessert.

If you prefer to eat pumpkin, you can also change sweet potatoes to pumpkin, the effect is also very good.


Black glutinous rice blood porridge ingredients: black glutinous rice, longan, red dates, yam, brown sugarSlowly simmer until the porridge is soft and rotten. Add brown sugar and stir well before boiling, so that you can directly take in the amount.

Efficacy: Black glutinous rice, longan and red dates all have good blood-enriching effects, and the nutritional value of yam is also very high. After taking it, it can make it very good for nourishing qi and nourishing blood.

However, it should be reminded that although longan can effectively supplement blood, it is not easy to digest in our body, so we must not overdo it every time to avoid indigestion.


Ingredients for nourishing and nourishing oatmeal: walnuts, red dates, dried longan, oats, and brown sugarPorridge, just add some brown sugar before cooking.

Effect: How to do blood tonic porridge?

This recipe has a good effect of beauty and blood, especially for women.

What is the medicated diet for women to nourish qi and nourish blood? This recipe is a very good choice.


Angelica red dates ribs material: Angelica, red dates, ribs, onion ginger, salt, wolfberry Practice: Put the pork ribs in boiling water once, remove the drained water after removing blood, and then add an appropriate amount of wolfberry, red dates in a clean pot,Scallion ginger and ribs, water, and boil slowly over low heat until the ribs are soft and rotten. Add an appropriate amount of condiments before cooking, so that you can cook.

Efficacy: When all these ingredients are mixed together and stewed, it has very great benefits for the body, which can not only play a role of nourishing yin, moisturize, and dry skin, but also have the effect of beauty and skin care.


Shouwu jujube porridge material: Shouwu 60g, 3-5 jujubes, 100g of previous rice. Method: first boil Shouwu with water, take the juice and remove the residue after cooking, and then add the prepared red dates and the previous rice to the juice.Boil together to make porridge. After cooking, add brown sugar to taste, then boil over low heat.

Efficacy: This porridge has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing blood and nourishing blood.

Specifically for patients with iron deficiency anemia.


Ingredients of Ginseng Silver Scallion Soup: 500g of bonito, 30g of codonopsis, 15g of angelica, 3 slices of gingerSlightly yellow, then add codonopsis and washed angelica into the saucepan, then pour in an appropriate amount of water, boil over high heat and turn to a low-temperature cooker for one hour, cook in anchovies, and season.

Efficacy: This soup also strengthens the spleen and strengthens the body, nourishing blood and qi.

Suitable for malnourished anemia patients.
Ginseng bamboo shredded chicken soup material: bamboo shredded chicken 750g, pork lean 150g, scallion 30g, codonopsis 30g, red jujube 10, ginger 3 slicesWash the lean pork and put it in hot water, rinse it with cold water, and reserve.

Wash the red dates, scallion and codonopsis together, put all the ingredients together in the pot, add the right amount of water, boil on high heat, and then cook in a simmering pot for 2 hours to season.

Efficacy: It has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, suitable for patients with hemorrhagic anemia.