[Can tonsil be inflamed and drink coffee]_Inflammation_Can you drink

[Can tonsil be inflamed and drink coffee]_Inflammation_Can you drink

In daily life, many people have experienced tonsillitis. When the tonsil is inflamed, patients will feel special pain, including the pharynx. It seems that there will be pain, whether it is chronic tonsillitis or acute tonsillitis.Once adjusted in the diet, patients are not suitable for drinking coffee during recovery, and sometimes drinking coffee will cause a certain degree of recovery.

Don’t drink coffee if your tonsils are inflamed.

Inflammation of the tonsils, it is best not to drink coffee during the onset to avoid exacerbation of calcination.

You can take traditional Chinese medicine such as Liyan Jiedu granules, amoxicillin and so on to clear the heat and detoxify.

In daily life, pay special attention to balanced and coordinated diet.

Try to consume as much fruits and vegetables as vitamin C, such as apples, oranges, tomatoes, etc., and drink plenty of water.

Recommended to eat during sudden tonsil inflammation.

During the sudden inflammation of the tonsils, eat more vitamin A (animal liver, lean meat, cod liver oil, carrots, persimmons, perilla, etc.) and vitamin C (aloe, honey pomelo, sugar cane, lemon, etc.) and other rich foods.


During the sudden inflammation of the tonsils, eat more foods rich in collagen, such as trotters, chicken wings, animal tendons and fascia, and pig skin. Eating some foods can help repair mucosa and promote tonsillitis inflammation and recovery.


During the sudden inflammation of the tonsils, eat more food to abscess.

Like green olive tea, licorice tea, chinese bellflower tea, lily tea, etc.

It can not only solve the purpose of purulent swelling, but also relieve the symptoms of sore throat, dryness, and hoarseness.

Tonsillitis inflammation precautions Maintain proper temperature and humidity indoors.

The air in the room is dry and too cold, too much, and too much humidity can affect the defense function of the tonsils, causing dysfunction and aggravating the condition of tonsillitis.

Therefore, during the tonsillitis, the indoor air must be kept fresh and fresh. Use an air humidifier to regulate the indoor air. In addition, you can rinse your mouth, brush your teeth, and even keep your mouth clean in the morning, after meals, and before going to bed.Immune function.

Carry out dietary recuperation.

It is mainly based on a light and digestible diet, and then assists some refreshing and tender, soft and juicy foods to absorb.

Drink plenty of water, avoid tobacco, alcohol, ginger, pepper, mustard, garlic and all spicy things.

Eat more fruits and vegetables that are good for tonsils.

Pears, kumquats, and pomegranates are the best representatives. Pears have antipyretic, soothing, and analgesic effects, and can eliminate fever, sore throat and other symptoms caused by inflammation. Kumquat peel is rich in nutrients, contains vitamin c and calcium, and can eliminate throat.Inflammation, the fruit is rich in vitamins and calcium, which is beneficial to the repair of the tonsil mucosa; the decoction of pomegranate can cure the tonsillitis and sore throat.

Cut a pomegranate into an appropriate size and cook it with 400 grams of water. After boiling, cook for another 30 minutes. The decoction can be used for mouthwashing.